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“I want to be your Ward 4 Alderman
to be YOUR VOICE in Crestwood.”

I want to share not just my ideas but YOUR IDEAS with the City and with the community in general.

Community, Committment, and Communicaton are key for Crestwood to continue to be a great place to live, to shop, to dine, to invest in, and to experience.


I have a love for Crestwood and its community.

My wife Angela and I moved to Crestwood in November of 2017, into my grandparents house on Yorkshire Estates Drive, where they had lived since 1965 as original owners. As a child I experienced Crestwood with walks in Whitecliff and Crestwood Parks, visiting the mall and the miniature golf course, and learning the City's history from Grandpa.

While I spent a lot of time in Crestwood, I went to grade school at St. Simon the Apostle School in Green Park, St. Louis Priory School for junior high and high school, and graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration degree from Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri.

Currently, I am the Manager of Financial Reporting at Thompson Coburn, LLP.

During all these periods of my life, I've been involved in volunteerism in some shape or form. As a young child, I would join Grandpa on his Thursday Meals on Wheels route in Webster Groves. In 1994, I won the St. Louis Priory School Student Services Award for "outstanding service to the school." In 1997, I was a part of the Journey of Hope cycling team, peddling from San Francisco, California, to Washington, D.C., to raise funds and awareness for The Ability Experience (formerly known as PUSH America), to benefit children with disabilities. At Thompson Coburn I manage or assist each year in various fundraisers for our annual charities.


Volunteer organizations and events not only provide morale to Crestwood residents and opportunities for them and our local businesses to participate...they also bring people INTO Crestwood, making us a DESTINATION CITY again.

Since we moved here, we have been very involved in many local charitable organizations that involve community and events including Christmas in Crestwood and clean up events at Father Dickson Cemetery. I am currently the fundraising chair for the Sappington House Foundation where I have helped put on concerts in the park this past year, and moving to Crestwood with me was my organization, the St. Louis Classic Rock Preservation Society, which hosted a trivia night in 2019 which brought back to Crestwood many of the DJs and musicians from the Classic Rock era that started right here, all while raising funds for the Greater St. Louis Honor Flight.

The St. Louis Classic Rock Preservation Society also promotes Crestwood's roll in the local pop culture community as discussed in this May 10, 2019 South County Times article "Classic Rockers Set Up Shop In Crestwood" by Don Corrigan. A major goal of the Society is to establish a museum and venue in Crestwood.


Those who already know Angela and me know we are very committed to that which we love.

I am currently a commissioner on Crestwood's Public Works Board while Angela is chairperson of Crestwood's Fire Board. Over the last three years, we have also attended almost all of the Board of Alderman meetings, whether in person or via Zoom, and many of the other committee meetings including Parks and Recreation, Planning and Zoning, and Ways and Means, and we have contributed during those meetings as members of the public.

Currently, I am also working on soliciting ideas from the residents of Yorkshire Estates Drive and adjoining streets for potential uses for the empty lot at the corner of Yorkshire Estates and New Sappington, which the City recently purchased from St. Louis County so we can have a community-led discussion.

I am also working with various individuals and entities to help move the Joseph Sappington House to Crestwood.

And, soon Crestwood will celebrate 75 years since its founding as a Village in 1947, and I have been doing historical research and creating archives to prepare for the various events that will happen in 2022.


Crestwood is a vibrant city, with so many things going on at any given time, so, communication to the public is key.

I want to keep you informed of the many things going on in Crestwood whether that is events, changes in City ordinances, and of course, what's going on with the mall site.

More importantly though, is what YOU think. Through this page, and my facebook page, I want to start and continue communication with not just the residents of Ward 4, but all residents and businesses, large and small, in Crestwood. Over the past few years I have already talked with many residents and business owners and heard their ideas and concerns, and I will continue to do so.




This is all part of the beginning of what I see as an emerging Crestwood renaissance and I hope you can join me on this great journey.

Please share, visit my facebook page, and DEFINITELY please contact me through either resource. By working together, Crestwood will continue to be a great place to live, to shop and dine, to invest in, and to experience.

For questions, concerns, and ideas you have about me, my campaign, Ward 4, or Crestwood in general, or to schedule a phone or Zoom meeting, you can best contact me by phone at 314-441-1235 or by e-mail via .

Thank you for your ideas and your support!